Latent Pattern Transmission is a personal site created to record, test, and share ideas.  The name is meant to strike at an aspect of educative processes in which patterns of behaviour and ideas are communicated, interact, and are called forth in spaces that we do not fully recognize. 

University Control Project
The University Control project is named after a book published by James McKeen Cattell in 1913. The project is in part a digital restoration effort of Cattell’s book. Although a variety of paper versions of the text are available, there is not a clean and well-formatted electronic version. University Control can be downloaded in multiple formats on the Internet Archive, but the renderings are riddled with formatting inconsistencies, misspellings, and poorly rendered markup, which is indicative of automated digitalization and conversion. Although it is with great appreciation that I could start with a good base document, I felt that the quality of the renderings reduced readability, particularly for those requiring assistive technologies. I have choses to render the book in the ePub3 format because it is open and converts reliably into a number of other more common formats. During the restoration I have:
  • Recoded all text using well structured HTML5 and CCS3.
  • Included page numbers in the code for easier navigation.
  • Included sematic inflection in accordance with ePUB3 International Digital Publishing Standards for universal design to enhance accessibility.
  • Corrected formatting, errant marks, missing words, and typographical errors.
  • Created a well-structured table of contents and page list to enhance navigation.
  • Linked references to and from end notes.
  • Linked the glossary to in text references.

Although digital restoration is a goal, my intent is to annotate the document and include additional content for context. I am in the process of reviewing each section of University Control and in the process finding, rendering, and reviewing the literature referenced by Cattell in the book. I will create a separate repository for an edited and annotated version of University Control, while also creating a separate repository (or add to an existing repository) that includes well-formatted ePub versions of the resources referenced in University Control. It is my hope that the annotated version of the text along with the original source materials can be used by teachers and scholars of university governance, the history of educational administration, the progressive era in the United States, and related areas of study.

Additional sections for an annotated version of University Control may include:
  • Biographical information about Cattell (timeline)
  • Review of literature on university control and governance generated from Reconstruction in the US through the Progressive ear (1860s – 1920s), with appropriate references outside of this time span and overseas.
  • Brief biographical information on the authors of University Control Protest Literature.
  • Summary and analysis of Cattell’s proposal on University Control
  • Summary and analysis of responses to the University Control (298 letters)
  • Summery and analysis of the University Control Protest Literature included in University Control.
  • Impact of this movement (New School of Social Research, Charles Beard’s and James Robinsons’ resignations from Columbia University and their writing, founding of AAUP, protest against Carnegie Foundation/TIAA, etc. )
  • Overview of the structure of the University sector then and now (number of universities, size of faculties, number of students, etc.)

As a byproduct, I will also curate an electronic library of appropriate resources about James McKeen Cattell, University Control, and related topics as a appropriate.

Professional Background
I have served a variety of roles in a number of universities. Over the years I have developed a strong interest in university governance. My professional background information can be found at my LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ken-udas-27a66b3. I use the LinkedIn site to post short articles, which I may refine. In some ways it serves as a repository of ideas that others could comment on if desired.

In addition to serving the University of Southern Queensland, I am a studying history at the College of Liberal Arts, at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Through this study, I developed an interest in James McKeen Cattell’s impact on the discussion of university governance, academic freedom, and intellectualism.

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